Hey, I'm Jenn,

 a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

specializing in

hormones, gut health, and women's health.


Just a few short years ago, I was probably feeling similar to what you are right now. After being on birth control all through my teenage years and early adulthood for heavy and painful periods, after coming off I began experiencing the underlying issues that my birth control was hiding.

I had chronic digestive issues (severe bloating, constipation, and missing events because food just hurt), acne, hair loss, and within 3 years, was diagnosed with fatty liver disease, Hashimotos, and ovarian cysts.

My mental health, physical health, and social life was seriously suffering, and I knew that my 20's were not supposed to feel this way. Coming from a family full of autoimmune disease, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and poor mental health, I refused to accept that that was my destiny, too.

Over the next few years I'd try it all: the trendy supplements, the "cleanses", the meds, the bloodwork (I was "normal" but felt anything but), the stressful workout programs, veganism, low FODMAP, cutting every food group under the sun - you get the picture.

It's not until I started diving deep into research behind hormones, birth control, metabolism, and women's health that I started to piece it all together and make sense of what my doctors could never do for me.


I've helped hundreds of women worldwide get to the root of their health issues while deeply educating them along the way, so they can become their own health advocate and take back control of their bodies.


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