This is for women and couples who...

  • don’t want to cross their fingers and hope for the best when it comes to achieving pregnancy

  •  trying to conceive but have not had success and lack the resources and support to understand their best next steps

  • are unsure of how to support their body and health throughout their fertility journey

  • want to stop wasting time wondering what they could be doing differently to ensure their fertility health is optimized

  • want to maximize chances of conception through education, nutrition, support, lifestyle, and empowerment

  • are wanting a holistic approach to optimizing fertility and conception through improved egg and sperm quality

In one study, 83% of women said they underestimated the amount of time it would take them to get pregnant.

Hey, I'm Jenn!


I am a certified Holistic Hormone Specialist, period-fixer, and coach, and one of my favourite things in the world is helping women take back control of their body, health, and fertility. I love nothing more than being a support system for women and couples during this very special (yet stressful) time. You can expect transparency, support, empowerment, and care when working alongside me and my team.




What's Included


Personalized supplement, lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise protocol based on a symptom analysis identifying any imbalances within the body. Your partner will also be provided with a protocol to follow for supplements and lifestyle.


To help you and your partner prepare for conception with tangible, science-based education and tools for optimizing fertility for both partners.


Custom monthly meal plan curated to help support pre-conception, fill nutrient gaps, and ensure that you, your partner, and your future baby will be nourished.


Unlimited Voxer (voice messaging app) access and monthly live check-in calls (done over Zoom).

Many couples hyper-focus on timing of intercourse and ovulation and disregard sperm quality and egg quality, which play a critical role in how long it takes to fall pregnant.

What it looks like to work together:

Once we begin this journey together, you will go through a thorough Symptom Analysis so I can uncover any imbalances and root causes for any symptoms you're experiencing. I will put together a protocol based upon this with lifestyle, movement, supplement suggestions, and a custom meal plan moving forward and we will go over everything on our first Zoom call.

In the meantime, you can begin on your course to help you (and your partner) understand how to best support your body and environment through your fertility journey so you feel completely empowered and educated, rather than going through the motions with little direction or understanding.

Once per month you have the opportunity to book in a catch-up call where you can find extra support and we can ensure you are progressing well in body and mind.

You have unlimited access to me via Voxer (voice messaging app) Monday to Friday for any questions you might have along the way.

Course Outline

Body and Fertility Awareness

  • Module 1: Introduction to the menstrual cycle
    • The 4 phases of the menstrual cycle
    • What is a healthy cycle?
    • Common hormone imbalances
  • Module 2: Egg and sperm cycles
    • The Egg Cycle
    • The Sperm Cycle
  • Module 3: Cervical Fluid
    • Introduction to Fertility Awareness Method
    • What is cervical fluid?
    • The types of cervical fluid and what they mean
    • Charting and tracking your cervical fluid
    • How to improve cervical fluid quality to improve chances of conception
  • Module 4: Predicting ovulation and charting your cycle
    • Introduction to BBT
    • How to chart your BBT to confirm and optimize your timing of ovulation
    • Examples of various BBT charts and what they mean for your cycle
    • Understanding short luteal phases
    • Factors for late and delayed ovulation
    • Secondary signs of ovulation
    • Using Ovulation Predictor Kits
    • Maximizing your chances of getting pregnant  
  • Module 5: The Factors of Infertility
    • Common (and less common) factors in infertility/trouble conceiving in females
    • Common (and less common) factors in infertility/trouble conceiving in males

The Ideal Environment

  • Module 1: Reducing toxins
    • How environmental and lifestyle factors affect egg and sperm quality
    • Different types of toxins in our environment and how to avoid them
      • Handbook: Fertility-friendly products and companies
      • Hormone-Healthy Home Checklist
  • Module 2: Gut Health for Mom and Baby
    • What does poor gut health look like?
    • How to optimize gut health for mom
    • Passing on a healthy microbiome to baby
  • Module 3: Pre-conception Nutrition for Optimal Egg + Sperm Quality (Handbook)
    • Improving egg quality through food and supplements
    • Improving sperm quality through food and supplements
    • Nutrient-dense fertility foods
    • Foods to avoid that adversely affect health












It takes 3-4 months before ovulation for an egg to mature, meaning fertility prep should start at least 4 months prior to wanting to conceive, or 6-12 months if coming off of hormonal birth control. 


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Payment plans available

16 week 1:1 coaching program to support you in your journey toward conception through nutrition, education, support, and custom protocols.

This coaching program is ideal for couples who are wanting to begin fertility prep or those who are struggling to conceive without guidance and support.





Payment plans available

Save $500 by bundling fit. period. and fit. fertility. into a 7 month coaching program.

This is recommended for women who are coming off of hormonal birth control and/or are dealing with hormone imbalances causing painful periods, irregular cycles, anovulation, PCOS, endometriosis, digestive issues, etc.

Please note you will be taken to the fit. period. enrolment page first and then I will contact you separately for fit. fertility. enrolment.