I see you. You’ve been trying to figure out this ‘health’ thing for a long time.

Which means you’ve been doing it long enough to know that diets don’t work….forever.

That “calories in vs. calories out” is an oversimplification of a complex solution.

That there must be something else going on, cause you’ve tried it all and it hasn’t worked.

It’s time to use your cycle as your superpower.

Take back control of your body, mindset, lifestyle, and productivity by harnessing your feminine power…

that one thing that’s been in you this whole time, you just never realized it.

This is for the women who...

  • Are ready to stop with the yo-yoing, the counting every last crumbs, and the obsessing over numbers

  • Are committed to shaping their body in a way that feels strong, healthy, and full of confidence

  • Want to increase productivity, energy, and ramp up their libido in a way that feels fun and sustainable

  • Are ready for drama-free periods and leaving the aches and pains, mood swings, and cravings at the door

  • Is struggling with gut health, metabolic function, energy, or hormonal imbalances
  • Want to stop relying on birth control, pain relievers, and expensive skin products just to feel "normal"
  • Want to use their hormones as a tool to get into the best shape of their lives by working out less, not more

  • Have a history of under-eating, restrictive diets, or fasting and want to undo the damage done

What if rebalancing had nothing to do with diets, calories, or restricting?

In 12 weeks, we share all of our secret superpowers and show you how to

  • Eat foods that nourish your body and balance your hormones without restriction

  • Tone up and lose body fat through metabolism building, not crash dieting
  • Gently detoxify your body from toxins, artificial hormones, and endocrine disruptors so that your skin is bright, your energy high, and you sleep like you're supposed to

  • Have drama-free periods without the use of hormonal birth control or medication

  • Improve digestive health because bloating is not normal and that discomfort can be a thing of the past

  • Work through emotional barriers, break away from patterns that don't serve you, and hold yourself to a high standard

    And the best part?

  • You’ll never have to diet, restrict, or shame yourself over food choices (that ain’t gucci, sis)

  • You won’t have to go to the gym 7 days a week to see results (in fact, it’s the opposite)

  • You won’t have to hire expensive fitness trainers or buy fancy equipment to sculpt that bangin’ bod

  • It can all be done in a way that feels good to you every single day

I'm ready to change my life

Kaitlyn K

Executive Assistant, Holt Renfrew

I’d previously tried to come off the pill after being on it for 10+ years and was immediately met with severe digestive issues, acne and mood swings. I spent so much time and money trying to heal my skin, trying everything from antibiotics, Spiro, topical treatments and even weekly laser facials, but not once did my doctor talk to me about balancing my hormones. I gave up and went back on the pill.

After searching “how to safely quit birth control” countless times, the Instagram algorithm worked in my favor and brought me Jenn’s account. Her posts really resonated with me and I finally felt heard. I won’t lie, I was a little worried that the program would be one big fad diet, or such drastic lifestyle changes that it would be torture to get through (I could not have been more wrong).I decided to go for it anyways – at the very least I’d learn something new. What I got was so much more:

- My cycle went from 90 days to ~30 after only one month on the program

- My post-pill acne didn’t return and my skin is now the best it’s been in years

- I lost 13 pounds and 2.5 inches off my waist

- I learned SO MUCH and now feel confident and empowered in the decisions I make for my health

- Most importantly, the brain fog I felt while on the pill is gone and my mental health has done a complete 180. I feel so much more present, making my days more meaningful.

I cannot thank Jenn and Taylor enough for everything they did to personalize this program and support me along the way. Hands down one of the best things to come out of 2020.

What You Get: 

Custom meal plans made by our in-house Nutritionist, Taylor. Curated based on your root causes to support metabolism, hormone balance, and personalized to your tastes and preferences

Unlimited text support Monday to Friday within our app

Symptom Analysis to determine root causes and imbalanced systems that may be holding you back from your goals

Personalized workout program, curated by Jenn, to support metabolism and strength based on your level of experience and equipment accessibility

The fit. period. course: full of resources, modules, recipes, and printables to teach you about hormones, your cycle, digestion, skin health, supplements, how to eat for your hormones, and much more (see below)

Private client-only Facebook group

Access to 100+ pre-recorded, 30 minute workouts

Weekly live group coaching calls and expert workshops for support, accountability, extra learning

 2x 1:1 coaching calls to review and optimize progress, work on mindset, and make changes to your plan (if needed)

Course Modules: The Phases of the Menstrual Cycle, Phases of the Cycle, Fertility Awareness Method, Cycle Syncing your Fitness, Supporting Detoxification, Non-Toxic Living, Ayurvedic Approach to Acne, Sleep, Stress, Nutrition for Hormone Health, Ayurvedic Approach to Digestive Health, Acne + Skin Conditions, Peri/menopause, Period Problems, PCOS, Amenorrhea, Weight Gain, Poor Gut Health (Lifetime Access)


The program is 12 weeks in duration with option to continue into our graduate program afterwards.
I'm ready for my transformation!

Lauren D

Marketing Assistant

After only 4 weeks in the program, I got my first NATURAL period in 2 YEARS. I gained back my natural cycle and had a full bleed for an ENTIRE 7 days.

I started crying. I could not believe it. Utter disbelief.

It had been 2 years since my last period and I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t be able to have kids at this point. My gyno had put me on Provera for 10 days (progesterone hormone therapy that forces your body to induce a period) and nothing. Not even spotting.

Backstory: After a ski accident and brain hemorrhage I hadn’t had a period in 2 years - not even the normal withdrawal bleed you get on birth control. I was at my wits end, had done every test in the book and each time my doctor attributed it to “stress” and trauma from the ski accident. I was hopeful but to be honest I was sure I would need to follow the plan for a few months if it was even possible for my body to function normally again. The fact that after only 4 weeks of following the direction I gained my natural cycle back is astounding.

To boot the diet plans are not only delicious & simple to follow - they did not break the bank (under $100 for a weeks worth of groceries approx 5 meals a day!)

I am beyond happy & healthy and will continue to follow the fit.period plan. I cannot recommend this enough! THANK YOU. 

Hey, I'm Jenn!


I’ve been on my own journey of health, happiness, and hormonal harmony for over a decade and spend most of my days helping other women achieve what I have in less time with no guesswork and more fun. I've had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of women worldwide in the past 6 years and love turning clients into friends and women into the most confident, badass version of themselves.

In fit. period., we show women how to sync their lifestyle/business, fitness, food, and fun to their menstrual cycle so they can reap the benefits of living in alignment with all of their cycle superpowers (psst, there’s a lot of them!)

...and I'm Taylor!



Combining my fields of expertise, I help women balance and nourish their body through food, stress reduction, and mindfulness to achieve optimal health.

After struggling with hormonal imbalances that led to debilitating periods and severe anxiety, I went down the path of discovering holistic nutrition and natural health modalities to find answers. Being able to experience the differences they have made in my life, it became my mission to educate and empower women with the information and support I wish I had when I was struggling to find answers.

In fit. period., we show women how to sync their lifestyle/business, fitness, food, and fun to their menstrual cycle so they can reap the benefits of living in alignment with all of their cycle superpowers (psst, there’s a lot of them!)

What if "progress" was based on your health and not a number?

Stephanie K


My therapist put me in touch with Jenn because I was struggling with PMDD, and I was looking for a way to manage it holistically.

When I came to her:
• I was the highest weight I’ve ever been
• I was into running regularly but not seeing any changes in my body
• I was trying SO HARD to eat healthy (counting calories, intermittent fasting, starving myself and binging, going vegan, the works)
•I had 0 energy and 0 stress management strategies, I was like a stressed out zombie just trying my best at life
• My PMS consisted of: horrible cramps, bloating, acne, and mood fluctuations where I had regular panic attacks, depressed mood, and irritability.
My goal was to improve my mental health, and I thought the weight loss MIGHT come with that.
Now only 8 weeks in:
• My mental health has done a 180! My mood and energy levels are better than ever
• The weight has literally melted off! 23.5lbs, 9inches down from my chest waist and hips!
• I’m syncing my workouts to my cycle, not forcing myself to go for runs when my body wants to rest!
• I’ve been more full the past 8 weeks than I ever have, I’ve learned about cooking healthy meals, and what actually makes a recipe healthy
• I’ve learned how to supplement, my hair and nails are stronger and less breakable
• I’m using clean skincare products instead of harsh chemicals to manage my acne
• And bonus I had the confidence to apply for a new job!
Seriously working with Jenn and Taylor has changed my life forever! 

Before applying, please watch the webinar below:


What's Included?


Custom Hormone-Balancing Meal Plan

Created by our in-house Nutritionist, Taylor, and customized based on your individual analysis, goals, and hormones. Plant-based or omnivore.

Custom Workout Program

Created by certified trainer Jenn, your workout program is delivered through our interactive fit. period. app so you can track your progress, have access to our exercise demo videos, and completely customized based on ability, equipment, and goals.

Lifetime Access to the fit. period. Course

We believe that education and awareness is just as important as your transformation, so we put just as much emphasis on ensuring you understand your body, symptoms, and hormones as we do your physical results. Our course includes video modules that will educate on topics ranging from your hormone cycle, fertility awareness method (FAM), fitness, gut health, specific hormonal conditions, skin health, and detoxification pathways; as well as access to printable worksheets and a 12 week workbook, recipe books, supplement handbooks, and previous expert workshops.

Weekly Live Group Workshops

Led by industry experts, our live workshops encompass higher-level material designed to educate you about your body, hormones, and health; mindset work to strengthen your self-belief and confidence muscle, and bi-weekly open office hours to create connection within the FP community, seek support, and stay accountable to your progress. Each live workshop is recorded and sent out the following day.

2 One-on-One Coaching Calls

Led by you and your desires, these coaching calls are available to be used at any point within your program. Whether you are looking for support, mindset work, accountability, or have questions that want to be answered, this is one extra layer of communication for you to feel completely supported throughout your journey.

Unlimited Text Support

Yes...really! We understand how frustrating it can be to need to book appointments to have simple questions answered, so we offer unlimited text support Monday to Friday with Jenn and Taylor through our app. Whether you have questions about symptoms or material provided, want to celebrate your wins and progress, or just want to chat, you can use us as much or as little as you need to achieve the best results possible throughout your journey.


Payment Options

Pay in full: $2300 USD

2x monthly instalments of $1200 USD, beginning on day of registration

3x monthly instalments: 3x monthly instalments of $833 USD, beginning on day of registration


This program requires more than a financial investment. It requires an energetic investment, a willingness to grow, and radical self-responsibility. Please only apply if you are seriously ready to surrender to the process that is needed in order to change the trajectory of your life and health and are open to being coached with both love and truth.

Apply for fit. period.


Next round begins January 3, 2022

Enrolment opens December 13, 2021

Pricing plans can be found above.

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