Your body is the vessel in which you create your magic.

The most successful entrepreneurs in the world know the value in which their health holds, because without it, they would have nothing. Yet, somewhere along the way, between the meetings, the launches, the list-building and the coaching calls, your body took a back seat.

Every day it is vying for your attention. The headaches. The brain fog. The burn out. The lack of creativity. The loss of muscle tone. The bloat. The less-than-enjoyable periods. The just one more coffee's. 

You're frustrated because you know how to take care of yourself...or at least you think you do. But somehow, somewhere, those priorities became maybe tomorrow's and I'll do it later's.

You want to wake up everyday with energy, excitement, and an abundance of ideas.

You desire to create more wealth within your business, more space to hold for clients, more passion inside your projects, and yet, here you are. You're dimming your own spotlight because after a while, your confidence takes a hit and you stop showing up as the woman you know you're capable of being.

Your business and your body don't have to be separate entities, always pulling you in opposite directions, begging for a moment of attention.

Instead, let's imagine your body and business can work in alignment, ebbing and flowing in synchronicity. Keeping you safe in the dips and taking you to your next level during the peaks.

Your feminine magic is just out of reach.

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 A 90 day, high-level private coaching experience for the driven and successful businesswoman who is ready to step into her next level by embodying everything it means to be abundant in body, mind, and business.

This program is more than meal plans and exercise - it encompasses the very essence of being a successful and fulfilled woman through hormone balance, movement, mindset expansion, undeniable confidence, self-love, and syncing your business to the rhythm of your cycle.

Get ready to meet the highest version of you.

The Seven Figure Flow Woman

You're a 6- or 7-figure entrepreneur, business woman, or high-vibe goal-crusher who doesn't want anything else added to your plate - but you know something has got to change.

You want a bespoke, tailored program with no bullshit, no fads, no gimmicks - and you want it with concierge service.

You are ready to break through beliefs about your body and health that no longer serve you.

You want direct, intimate access to my brain and experience - because your expertise is where your energy should be focused.

You're ready to invest in a coach who will hold space for you, support you, and provide the results that you've failed to achieve on your own.

Meet Rebecca

CEO of The Pitch Club, TEDx Speaker and Bestselling Author

"16 months ago, I felt tired, bloated and uncomfortable in my body.  In my business, I was struggling with lack of clarity, wavering confidence and felt I'd lost my passion. 
When I started working with Jenn, everything changed. 
Understanding my body better and tapping into the superpowers of my cycle resulted in so much more than just a leaner, fitter and healthier body. It meant more trust in myself, more balance in my life and being more present in my relationships, especially with myself. 
In my business, it translated to far more than just not suffering with PMS symptoms. I had more confidence, knowing when I'd be my most creative. More productivity - understanding when to flow and when to rest. More impact - tapping into my feminine has helped me connect much more deeply with my emotions and my clients!
I'm blown away by what's happened in my life and business since working with Jenn. It feels like a decade of progress in one year, without the relentless grinding that I'd previously associated achievement with. 
I've written and published two bestselling books (working on my 3rd!), launched a new business with two six figure income streams and brought in nearly 100 new clients in the past 10 months. 
I truly feel I've found the flow.....and now, 7 figures isn't just a dream, it's a reachable reality."

If you've been experiencing...

  • Fluctuations in your mood, energy, and productivity that are getting in the way of your craft
  • Lacklustre launches because you're showing up low-vibe, self-conscious, and uninspired
  • Periods that throw you off your game for days at a time, month after month, without rhyme or reason
  • Stagnant self-development because your mantras and affirmations are starting to feel forced
  • Excuses and victim mentality about why your health has taken a back-seat
  • Overwhelm when it comes to figuring out how to best take care of yourself and not wanting to take time away from your busy schedule to just figure it out
  • Days where you feel unstoppable followed by days where you're burnt out, irritable, and wanting to hide
  • Anxiety, sky-high stress levels, poor sleep habits, and mood swings
  • A non-existent self-care routine (and it shows)


It's time to take back control.

Hey, I'm Jenn

I've helped hundreds of women from all around the world take back control of their hormones, body, mindset, and confidence through proven methods that I practice daily in my own life.

Listen, I know what it can feel like to be building a brand, being pulled in every direction, and feeling like there's no consistency in your personal life. In less than a year I went from having no online business to building my company to a multi-six figure level, writing for Forbes, co-authoring an Amazon Best-Selling book, creating an international brand, all while tackling my Hashimotos and staying on track with my fitness habits. I stopped relying on motivation and started making commitments to my own growth just like I did for my business and my clients.

I know that my business relies on my body, my client success is dependent on my energy and productivity, and my future success is depicted by how I treat myself today.

What's Included:

12 Weekly Coaching Calls

When your work schedule keeps you distracted for the week, it's important to anchor in your health commitments to someone who can keep you accountable. These calls are not only for accountability, but for growth, education, and empowerment. If you want to plan your launches around your cycle, we can do that. If you need me to call you on your bullshit, I'll do that. If you need a friendly face to check in with before the weekend, let's do that. Relying on motivation will get you nowhere fast. Instead, let's build a solid, sustainable foundation of habits and commitments. 

Voxer Support

In between our weekly calls, you will have direct, private access to me through Voxer to send texts or voicenotes if you have questions, need support, or want to check in. As a busy woman, you need tools that are efficient yet impactful to optimize your experience and your outcomes.  

Custom Nutrition + Fitness

Based on your initial analysis, I will create a custom nutrition program and supplement protocol to rebalance hormones, increase energy and productivity, optimize sleep quality, and decrease stress levels in the body. Whether you struggle with period problems, digestive issues, fatigue, weight gain/loss, or burn out, I will curate a plan that fits your preferences, lifestyle, time capacities, and goals. Your fitness program is delivered through an easy-to-use fit. period. app with video demonstrations and efficient logging of your progress.

DUTCH Hormone Test + Supplements

In addition to a DUTCH Hormone Test to understand exactly where you're at with your health and lifestyle, your personalized analysis will come with recommended supplements for the duration of our 3 month journey together. I will order and drop-ship your supplements directly to your residence, so you don't have to worry about sourcing.

Extra Resources + Support

You don't need to spend hours digging through my courses, modules, or workbooks, but should you want or need any additional resources, handouts, tracking sheets, or information from any of my other programs, it's yours.

Meet Leanne

CEO and Podcast Host of The Productivity Queen

"Working with Jenn has not only changed my relationship with my body, got me in the best shape of my life, but also helped me plan my business around my super power (spoiler alert: my cycle). Jenn taught me how to use the different phases of my cycle to show up with the most impact, helping me hit monthly income targets beyond my wildest dreams and protect my energy in the process. Now I am able to map out my launches and business goals when I will be most magnetic, and because of all of the physical changes that have come along with it, I feel so much more empowered and in control of not only my health but of my future and finances." 

Your Investment

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