Alignment is closer than you think.

If you've ever felt burnt out, excited, on fire, and low-vibe all within the space of a few weeks, your body is trying to tell you something.

Are you paying attention?

"Stepping into your feminine flow" means more than dropping the sales tactics, scripts, and pressure.

It means aligning your business, your mindset, and your passions to that thing that makes you the beautiful, cyclical, creative being that you are.

It's time for you to discover all of the superpowers of your cycle.

I'm Dee!

I am a certified NLP Business Mentor & CEO of “Her Soulful Success,” home of the “Soulful Success Society” and the “Her Soulful Success Podcast.”

But, more importantly, I'm a momma of two beautiful boys and if anyone understands the ebbs and flows of our body, it's me! Building a family and a business proves its challenges, but one thing that has kept me grounded, centred, and successful is listening to my body. Understanding how to maximize my productivity, creativity, and energy so I can lead my clients and impact women around the world has been one of the best decisions I've made on this journey, and I can't wait to show you how to do it, too.

..and I'm Jenn!

As a Forbes-featured Hormone Specialist, Personal Trainer, and CEO of a multiple-six figure health + hormone coaching business, you could say I know a little bit about aligning my cycle with my schedule!

I've helped hundreds of women rebalance their hormones, transform their body and health, and empower themselves into understanding and using the gifts that their cycle brings them.

I can't wait to show you how to uplevel your energy, increase your profitability, and align your body and mind to your business.

Here's what's happening:

On Day 1, Dee and Jenn will take you through an introduction to your infradian rhythm and hormone cycle, how to sync your business around the phases of menstruation, and what to expect physically and mentally when you're able to tap into your ebbs and flow.


On Day 2, Dee will guide you through emotional blocks and trauma that could have you feeling stagnant in life and business. Dee will touch on self-worth, stress, and your feminine cyclical nature.

Day 3 will bring a twist on typical business building with Jenn as she leads you through a session all about hormones, movement, and how you can unleash your inner goddess to bring new energy to your business, your clients, and your creativity.



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